We Invite only private venture investor or business-angel for creation of investment-consulting company, investment club in Simferopol. For open business necessary from 50 thousand USD. A credit does not interest. Creation of LTD. Cooperation 50/50.

Possibility to attract investments for the Crimean and Ukrainian projects. Experience in this sphere 8 and 11 in an informative sphere allows objectively to estimate a market and potential of these services. Base of initiators and investors all over the world. A collaboration with international funds will give an opportunity to go out on a new level. To apply in a contact.

We invite the investors of having sums from 10 thousand dollars to inlay them in highly profitable projects and enterprises of Ukraine and Crimea in particular. You can live in any point of the world, investing the facilities in perspective projects. If you have suggestions on a sale or requests on the purchase of business - apply. With suggestions of collaboration apply in a chapter "contact".